15 Essential Leader Behaviours

We need to focus more on developing leader behaviour, and less on leadership skills. More on how we lead, and who we are when we do. After 30 years of leading teams, organisations and culture, and 8 years of leadership consultancy, I have observed 15 daily leader behaviours that are essential for effective leadership. Leader behaviours that are evident in the way you live, lead, connect and behave every day. Whether you are an emerging leader or an experienced leader, working through this insightful list covering the 5 sectors of leadership, will help you design an intentional growth plan for your leadership development. Good leaders have capacity across 2 or 3 sectors of leader behaviours, but exceptional leaders are developing capacity across all 5. What will build a strong, effective, and well-rounded leader is a commitment to learn, develop and then lead from all the 15 daily behaviours. The 5 essential sectors of leadership are: Leading Self – Awareness, Leading Function – Capacity, Leading Culture – Teams, Leading Innovation – Adaptive and Leading People – Connection. Each sector has 3 key behaviours that great leaders develop, implement, and live out … every day.


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